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Amanita muscaria
Dried amanita mushrooms
красный мухомор - krasnyy mukhomor - Red Amanita
Peyote Flower Opening Time Lapse
Shiitake and singing birds
Tryptamine crystals

The Plant Teachers Speak

Amanita microdose side effects

Amanita micro-dose side effects

High on amanita
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Cross-polarized image Tryptamine HCl crystals

Gallery of Images and videos

Entering a Time warp to ride the threads of Time

Amanita pantheroid sporulating

Sporulating amanita false  color

Sporulating Amanita mushroom

Sporulating amanita false  color

Amanita pantheroid
Tryptamine crystals
Amanita muscaria sporulating

Cross-polarized photomacrograph of Tryptamine

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