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Dried Amanita muscaria caps harvested in Washington state, Fall of 2023. These are potent whole mushroom caps, and some pieces.


They are vacuum packed and stored frozen at -20 C to preserve potency.


The following information is not an endorsement to consume our products. It is for educational purposes. If you are a dietary supplement manufacturer who is following current GMP regulations for manufacturing dietary supplements, as a FSVP importer, I can sell these mushrooms to your company for human consumption. Your company must follow other regulatory requirements in order to sell these mushrooms for human consumption. To my knowledge only one company, Psyched-Wellness, has satisfied these requirements in the USA. These mushrooms are not sold to individuals for human consumption. However, it is not illegal, except in Luisiana, to possess and consume these mushrooms. In Luisiana, you can only possess these mushrooms for ornamental purposes.


These are potent, dried Food Grade mushrooms. When prepared properly, they are safe for consumption in the sense that there are no known human fatalities directly caused by this mushroom species. But you can get so intoxicated that you lose awareness of your surroundings and of your actions. You won’t know how to speak your native language. So, great care should be taken as to the amount consumed. Large doses of amanita require a sitter since you may start sleepwalking with wide open eyes similar to Ambien, but unaware of your surroundings or your actions. Tea made from 1-3 grams of dried mushroom caps consumed on an empty stomach an hour before bedtime can bring a sense of calm followed by sleep and dreams. Tea from 10-15 gr of dried Amanita consumed an hour before bedtime on an empty stomach will induce a very intoxicated state as you stumble to bed and enter a very real dream world often with perceptions of time stopping or moving backwards. You may be very animated on your bed such that everything on your bed ends up on the floor. You may awaken with a false memory. For example, awakening convinced you are to go to the international airport to pick up someone, but you can't remember their name. One researcher commented to me how difficult it was to urinate while experiencing the perception of traveling backwards in time.

Consuming decarboxylated tea from 20-25 grams of potent Amanita muscaria should be done only with a sitter to keep you from possibly harming yourself and to assist in communication with others since you may not be able to speak your native language.





Since individual amanita mushrooms will not have the same potency, it is wise to grind them into a powder, so the potency is the same per gram. The ground powder must be stored frozen in a sealed bag with as much air removed as possible to protect potency. The powder should be used within 1-2 months. The active compounds are very unstable. Minimize the time exposing the mushrooms to high temperatures -- during extraction/tea making and decarboxylation of ibotenic acid to muscimol. 10 min steeping time of powdered mushrooms is sufficient and then 1.5 -2 hours acidified tea held at a light boiling for decarboxylation. Never expose dried Amanita mushrooms or powder that is not in liquid form (Tea) to dry heat especially above 212F. At 220F, dry heat, 99% of the active compounds are destroyed within 5 minutes. Attempting to decarboxylate dried amanita mushrooms by exposing them to heat at 175F or drying them at 175 F is very inefficient and will yield a lower quality product compared to mushrooms dried at 125 F. Some have misinterpreted published data and claim the opposite. It is not possible to produce a ‘decarboxylated’ dried amanita mushroom. The dehydration process in the best conditions will decarboxylate a maximum of 30% of the ibotenic acid to muscimol.


Important note: Acidified amanita extract/tea can be decarboxylated in only 45 minutes at 250F 15psi in a pressure cooker with a 30% increase in muscimol yield compared to boiling in a cooking pot. I can’t explain why. The results were verified via analysis. Just don’t put dried mushroom powder in the pressure cooker. All the ibotenic acid and muscimol will be destroyed.


It is not wise to consume any species of mushrooms raw or dried raw. The cell walls are composed of chitin and more difficult to digest. This limits the bioavailability of active compounds and increases the risk of nausea. Cooking amanita mushrooms or making tea from these mushrooms, helps the body to more easily digest the mushrooms and or absorb the active compounds and reduces the risk of nausea.


Many people consume raw, dried Amanita without negative side effects, especially when small amounts are consumed. This isn’t recommended the full potential of the mushrooms are not realized.



Dried Amanita muscaria caps Fall 2023 Washington. Vacuum packed. Starting at $20

  • Remember to always store your dried amanita in the freezer to preserve the active compounds. The active compounds are unstable. This is important if you are making fly bait. Freezing also prevents creepy, crawly things from emerging and devouring your biomass.

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