Amanita muscaria 5gr 100% dried mushroom caps


Harvested on Vashon Island, Washington State. These select mushrooms were harvested in a pristine state and dried without delay. They are completely dry and should snap in half.


These are quality, completely dried mushrooms.


These mushrooms are dried in a forced air drier at 120 F until crispy dry. They are stored sealed in plastic bags in darkness at 0F. Too speed drying, they are not washed. Samples may have small amounts of residual sand or other forest debris on them. Large specimens are sliced into halves or quarters. Muscimol is not a stable compound, so dried mushrooms should always be stored frozen at 0F in sealed plastic bags in darkness.


These mushroom caps are sold as a spore source to inoculate compatible tree species using the spore slurry technique and for microscopic observation. They also find use in the arts and crafts such as dye and fiber extraction for making water color paints and hand crafted mushroom paper.

The spore slurry technique is one of the methods used for colonizing