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Harvested in Kyrgyzstan Fall of 2023. These are whole mushroom caps, and some pieces.


They are stored frozen at -20 C to preserve potency.


These are potent, dried mushrooms.


These mushroom caps are sold as a spore source to inoculate compatible tree species using the spore slurry technique and for microscopic observation. The spore slurry technique is one of the methods used to colonize the root system of compatible trees or shrubs. These iconic mushrooms also find use in the arts and crafts such as dye and fiber extraction for making watercolor paints and hand-crafted natural mushroom paper. The soft shades of colors in tinctures give natural fibers an earthy feeling.

Extracts can be used in making hand crafted soap.

Spore Slurry Preparation

To make a spore slurry, grind some mushroom caps to a powder by hand or with a coffee grinder and add to 5 gal of distilled water. 15 gr of molasses and 1-2 gr of salt are added and mixed. Salt inhibits bacterial growth. The broth can be used immediately, or it can be incubated for 1-3 days day at room temperature. During this time, the spores may begin germinating. In either case, the mixture is poured around the roots of compatible tree species. The grower may be rewarded with mushrooms in the following years. Trees that form relationships with ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi relationships in the root system do not grow as well when they are not colonized by ECM fungi.


Inoculating young tree seedlings that are growing in sterilized dirt with sterile cultures of Amanita, and then transplanting them outdoors is the most successful method of producing colonized host trees.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write to us.

These mushrooms are not sold for human consumption.

Any information on this website relating to the extraction or use of these mushrooms is for informational purposes only.

56 g Amanita pantherina dried caps. Fall 2023. Kyrgyzstan

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